Somewhere deep, unfathomably — unimaginably deep inside the endless, bottomless black-hole that is tsnepseg’s heart, a fierce カビゴン* has been awoken.

And honestly, it’s this guy‘s fault. All that talk about helping people, sharing resources, motivating one-another, and just genuinely being cool — I mean, who can fight that, right?

So I think it’s time for fun+2. *thunder *violins *dubstep
It’s time to create something. Something fantastic.




『MOTHER2 ギーグの逆襲』

Several days ago I wrapped up my first play-through of “Mother 2”, also known as “EarthBound” to western audiences. Suffice to say I’m at a loss for words. What is it? Well, for me, it’s .. magical. It’s .. beautiful. It’s .. heartwarming. It’s .. a powerful testament for what story-telling can be in the world of video games. 

The characters, dialogue, story, and experience captivated me unlike any game I’ve ever played before. To put it simply: it’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously yet somehow manages to tug on your heart-strings in all the right places. The following dialogue takes place during the final boss of the game, and being quite frank, I’m still reeling from how moving the scene was. gimme dat kleenex!







It’s phenomenal. It’s fantastic. It’s inspiring. It’ll bring you to your knees and break your heart so many times you’ll forget you had one to begin with. ま・じ・で. My words seriously can’t do this game justice. If you haven’t played it for yourself, you’re missing out. You owe it to yourself to experience this adventure. You won’t come back the same person. I promise.

‘Google 翻訳’ (Google Translate) is my hero.

I received a comment over at Lang-8 today that went like this.


Struggling with the sentence’s syntax, I spent a few minutes staring at it before having the genius idea to plug it into google translate. Why not? This was what it spit out.

Me to say that English is good, I’m very happy!
Recently, I often said so you do not know the meaning of the English, and so on…

Really? I mean, SERIOUSLY? It’s like google translate just .. literally transcribes every word into random positions in the statement. It’s wrong. It’s laughably wrong. We’re dealing with fun+2 level wrong, here. After several more moments of thinkingit hit me:

Thanks for saying that my English is good, I’m really happy! (Because) Lately, I’ve often been told “I can’t understand your English”.

成功の秘密 → [SkinnyArtist]

Several days ago I happened across a fantastic article titled “The 9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist“, by a certain ‘Skinny Artist‘.

After reading it, the thought occurred to me that you could essentially replace the word “Artist” with that of any passion. Give it a shot! — *poof*

Despite what you may have read the article is now “The 9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Japanese Student“, or perhaps, “The 9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Writer“. The point is that the content is applicable for any field, and although some of the advice within may come off as ‘tough love’, it’s a kick that’s well worth the read. Highly recommended.