We’ve got to bring sexy back.



i bring sexy back って、どういう意味ですか??


PROD | 1301

Time to set some personal goals.

For the year, I’d like to… (thinking) well, I’d like to … (brain frozen)
— eh; a year’s much too far ahead to plan for.

Rather, for the next six months I’d like to accomplish… well, hmm.
— nope. Still too far down the road.

How about: by the end of the week I want to… (scratches head) errrm…
— you know what? Forget it.

Right now. Yeah — Right now I want to be writing so how ’bout I skip the cheese and crackers and get down to business.

おやまぁ~ もうやった。
Would you look at that. Mission Accomplished.


Somewhere deep, unfathomably — unimaginably deep inside the endless, bottomless black-hole that is tsnepseg’s heart, a fierce カビゴン* has been awoken.

And honestly, it’s this guy‘s fault. All that talk about helping people, sharing resources, motivating one-another, and just genuinely being cool — I mean, who can fight that, right?

So I think it’s time for fun+2. *thunder *violins *dubstep
It’s time to create something. Something fantastic.



Required Reading ★ミ


In phoneticsaspiration is the strong burst of air that accompanies either the release or, in the case of preaspiration, the closure of some obstruents.


Voice or voicing is a term used in phonetics and phonology to characterize speech sounds, with sounds described as either voiceless (unvoiced) or voiced. Voicing can refer to the articulatory process in which the vocal cords vibrate.


diphthong, or diphthongos, literally “two sounds” or “two tones”), also known as a gliding vowel, refers to two adjacent vowel sounds occurring within the same syllable. Technically, a diphthong is a vowel with two different targets: That is, the tongue moves during the pronunciation of the vowel.