‘Google 翻訳’ (Google Translate) is my hero.

I received a comment over at Lang-8 today that went like this.


Struggling with the sentence’s syntax, I spent a few minutes staring at it before having the genius idea to plug it into google translate. Why not? This was what it spit out.

Me to say that English is good, I’m very happy!
Recently, I often said so you do not know the meaning of the English, and so on…

Really? I mean, SERIOUSLY? It’s like google translate just .. literally transcribes every word into random positions in the statement. It’s wrong. It’s laughably wrong. We’re dealing with fun+2 level wrong, here. After several more moments of thinkingit hit me:

Thanks for saying that my English is good, I’m really happy! (Because) Lately, I’ve often been told “I can’t understand your English”.


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